Waka Flocka Further Explains His Non-Blackness To You Unwoke Sheeple [Video]

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Waka Flocka has an extra wokety-woke message for all the haters with something to say about him refusing to claim “Black” out here

Instead of judging me ask yourselves why…
Why Waka ghetto ass talking like this.
Why Waka saying all this woke shit.
Why Trump not…
Why the media ignore real issues.
Why we support xyz.
We all have to fix ourselves to see the real problems #HaveABlessedOne
I’m living in the spirit.
I wish Dick Gregory was alive.
All I want is for US to do is THINK.
tradition is truth!!!!
As a human we could never like this thing we don’t understand ?
I talk from experience.
I been around the ? and my community ain’t the only ones struggling we just the focus.
I stand on my words IM NOT BLACK
I told y’all from the beginning of my rap career.
I’m not rapping to be the best.
I rap to be the realist that EVER did it.
We all slaves it’s just my community was tortured ?

Do you agree with — or even understand — what he’s saying here?


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